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My first memories are shades of moving colors, like the leaves and the ears of wheat moved by the wind, the reflections of light on the water, the clouds in the sky. Even today, I see the world as colors and shapes in movement that I try to reproduce with the dyeing technique.
I paint individually the various fabrics, yarns and textile fibers that I use with colors that I composed.
The dyeing process consists of various color baths in boiling water, a treatment that only high-grade materials can overcome by applying various techniques depending on the desired result. However, given the spontaneity of the processing, the result of the tincture is from time to time unique and not perfectly reproducible.
The final garment is resistant to washing (by hand or dry) and to light and can be ironed.
I sign with my entire textile creations my registered logo.
The garments are handmade and, consequently, there are not two equal ones. Each garment is unique.
All design rights are reserved for me.