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Felt Nunofelt

I met felt at the end of the 80s but I started to devote myself to the experimentation of this technique continuously for about fifteen years. Initially I was fascinated by the possibility of giving color on a dark background and, in fact, my first works of felt were the “brush strokes of wool”. I was also passionate about the possibility of creating new wearable solutions, such as tunnels or eyes, avoiding the classic stitching and/or buttonholes.
Since then I have not stopped experimenting and playing with the various materials and techniques creating new combinations and three-dimensional effects otherwise not achievable with painting. The works thus obtained thus bring together all the techniques known to me, since the individual materials used, such as silks and various fibers, are hand-painted or hand-painted before actual felting.
The finishes and edges of the silks used are handmade.
I sign with my registered logo all my textile creations.
Each garment is unique.
All design rights are reserved for me.