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Still today, I enchant in front of a lizard, a feather, a flower, a rainbow ... I see the beauty and genius as if it were the first time. I try to capture the emotion of that moment when I paint.

For 30 years, I have been experimenting with different painting techniques depending on desired result. Fabrics, mostly silks, are painted once tensioned on the frames with professional colors that require steam fixing in a specific oven. For this, the painted fabric is rolled up in an absorbent paper, inserted in the appropriate oven where it is kept for 5 hours in a steam bath.
The result is that the color is totally integrated into the fabric, not perceptible to the touch.
The garments thus obtained are resistant to washing (by hand or dry) and to light and can be ironed.
The finishes and edges of the silks used are handmade.
I sign each of my creations with my registered logo.
The garments are handmade and, consequently, there are no two identical ones. Each garment is unique.
All design rights are reserved for me.